Catch Surf Odysea Log Surfboard Review

Everyone needs a soft-top in their quiver but is the Odysea Log it?

It hit me a while ago, I was seeing more and more surfers showing up with foam boards, catching more waves with much less effort, and having way more fun than everyone else in the lineup, and not just on mediocre days, but the best of days as well.

I decided it was time to grab mine.

After a lot of looking into what's out there, and not wanting to buy something that would fall apart within 6 months, I ended up buying a 8' Odysea Log.

Continue below to read my review because after 1 year of having the Odysea Log in my quiver I am going to help you decide if this board is the one for you.


The Review


With various sizes available, I chose the 8' model primarily for its versatility and so a bigger guy like myself can have a massive wave count, even on days with the smallest and weakest of swells.

8' model

Length: 8'

Width: 23"

Thickness: 3.375"

Volume: 86 Liters

Other sizes available include:

6' (57 Liters) / 7'(72 Liters) / 9'(98 Liters)

This gives many options for surfers of various sizes and skill levels.

There are many surfboard size guides available on the internet, but a quick rule of thumb is the less experience you have and the bigger you are, the larger you want your board, with more volume being the most important aspect.

Pros & Cons

It's hard to objectively evaluate something that brings you nothing but joy, but I'll give it a shot:

  • With its slick bottom, the Odysea Log is extremely fast to paddle which isn't just great for getting to the lineup, but also being first to the peak and catching more waves.
  • With its stiff dual composite core, triple wood stringers, and bumper tail, its durability is insane. That's great peace of mind that it's going to last, in and out of the water.
  • Every time I head to the beach with the Log, I know I'm going to spend most of my time in the water actually riding waves, regardless of conditions and crowds.
  • Riding the Odysea Log feels just like any other performance longboard I've had the opportunity to ride. The high performance fin system makes turns easy, and it's honestly hard to believe it's a soft surfboard.
  • When used at beach-breaks with more critically steep waves, the length that I specifically chose can be a little difficult to manage for beginners, but that is to be expected with all longboards.
  • The high volume of the board means no duck-diving in larger conditions, but that's where the fast paddle speeds help when paired with a lull.
  • I want to mention another "Pro" that has more to do with just having a soft surfboard in general, so I separated it from the list above.
  • One thing that has been amazing about having the Odysea Log is the fact that whenever I go to the beach with my non-surfing friends, having a high quality and durable soft surfboard opens up more options for a good time.
  • It's great to feel comfortable letting my friends borrow the Log and try surfing for the first time, and re-live the stoke of being a grom again through their super fun experience. It's priceless.

Build & Quality Insights

This thing is a foam tank. After years of babying my boards, making sure they're in board bags, carefully strapped down to my SUV, and having a mental breakdown with every accidental ding, the ridiculous lack of stress when transporting The Odysea Log is an amazing breath of fresh air.

It's built with a wave catching stiff dual composite core and triple wood stringers durable and ready to take whatever you can throw at it.

The super fun Log also has an old school pe deck, and durable hdpe slick bottom that makes for easy wave catching.

Next to the bumper tail is the high performance fin system with removable fins, a nice addition to save space if necessary, as well as save fins from transport dings.

The old school style, with many color options definitely add to its throwback design.

Designed by Catch Surf, the Odysea brand has really proven that they make a superior quality soft surfboard, I can't imagine that they could have created a better product.

Signature Log PRO Series

Pro surfers Jamie O'Brien, Evan Rossell, Blair Conklin, Kalani Robb, Johnny Redmond, Taj Burrow, and Tyler Stanaland have all been included in the Signature Log PRO Series by Catch Surf.

Each soft surfboard in the PRO Series has all the fantastic attributes the Odysea Log provides for scoring the most waves as well as a unique color configuration.

Surfers of all skill levels can ride the boards the pros use with the Signature PRO Series, and the mega float performance makes it easy to push your surfing to the next level by giving you more opportunities to ride on every session.

Catch Surf did a great job partnering with these pros for the Odysea line of soft surfboards.

Professional surfers' names are their brands, and when they sign on with a company it's a direct reflection of the quality of the item bearing their names. The Log is a testament to that fact.

Comparable Alternatives

There are a lot of other soft surfboards on the market of varying quality. Some comparable models include the South Bay Board Company's Heritage and Verve as well as the Wavestorm 8’.

When comparing the models, I didn't like the carrying handle on the Heritage or the Verve, it just seems lazy and the idea of having a hole in the deck of my surfboard seemed wrong.

Call me old school, but the ideal place for a surfboard when out of the water is under your arm without a handle.

Besides the fact that known pro surfers can attest to the quality of the Odysea Log, designed by real surfers in California, the throwback design with various color choices and graphics really make the Log much more visibly appealing than the competition mentioned above.

The Catch Surf Odysea Log is just a better choice soft surfboard all around.

The Verdict

If you're looking to maximize wave count and have a super fun day regardless of the conditions, this board is for you. Surfers of all skill levels from the grom learning to surf to pros like Jamie O'Brien need to have an Odysea Log in their quiver.

The composite core triple wood stringers, durable hdpe slick bottom, wave catching stiff dual composite core, high performance fin system with removable fins, and bumper tail are all put together to create an unrivaled and long-lasting product from Odysea.

For me, personally, it's getting to the point that my Log always makes the journey to the local break for a day of surfing, and I'm finding that I ride it more often than not and because of it, the other boards in my quiver are enjoying an extended life expectancy.

Catch surf has really outdone themselves with the Odysea Log. I couldn't ask for a better soft surfboard, and I honestly can't imagine not having it in my quiver.

OUR #1 PICK - 8' model

Our Rating

8' model

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