Electric Surfboards

Since the electric surfboard is such a new technology, there are a lot of unknowns about what makes a good board.

You don’t want to get stuck out in the water with a faulty board or have an electrical issue in the water. 

Fortunately, we’ve done some research to help you make sense of the different types of boards.

We want to help you find the best electric surfboard out there so you can enjoy being on the water with ease. So let’s dive into our top electric surfboard review.


An electric surfboard can be one of several different things. At its best, the electric surfboard is like a normal surfboard, but one you never have to paddle because it has an electric engine.

Building on this, there are many different types of electric surfboards.

From regular boards, to electric foil boards, to sea scooters, the range of electric surfboards is vast. 

Electric Surfboard

With so many different types to choose from it can be hard to pick a single board for your needs.

To help you, we’ll break down some of the major categories of electric surfboard models. 

Electric Surfboards

These are the electric surfboards, proper. When you think of putting an engine on a surfboard, this is the product you are thinking of. These boards let you experience the thrill of surfing and cruising on the water, but without the hassle of paddling. Not only do you get to ride on the water, but you even get to go fast on these kinds of boards.

Electric Paddle Boards

Electric paddle boards combine the enjoyment of stand up paddling with the convenience of a motor. These SUPs are great for those days when you get stuck with a big head wind.

Electric Sea Scooters

Sea scooters are made to help you jet through any body of water with ease. Sea scooters don’t give you the opportunity to stand, but you can still get a taste of what it must be like to be a dolphin. This type of electric board is great for cutting through any water condition.

The Best Electric Surfboard For Sale

If you want to experience standing on a board and effortlessly riding across the water, look now further.

The Hison Jet Surf delivers everything you need to cruise on top of the water with style.

There are a few features that really stood out to us when we looked at this electric surfboard.

The deck is covered in traction pad so you can more easily stand up. 

Plus the controls are attached to the deck so you’ll have something to hold onto when you’re whipping around.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to whip around on this board, you shouldn’t. This board has plenty of zip and can definitely haul if you want to open it up and find its top speed. 

Part of the reason is the innovative propulsion design. This board is moved by sucking in water and spitting it out the back much like a jet ski. There’s no need to worry about a propeller getting caught on something or posing as a risk. You’ll find that this board works best in glassier conditions due to the jet propulsion. 

One other aspect we like is that you can get this board in a variety of different colors. 

Unfortunately, the power of this board comes at the cost of a gasoline engine. With an electrical starter, this engine gives you plenty of power so you can move quickly, but it will take fuel. Though, gasoline is not the worst since you won’t have to worry about your battery life or your board short circuiting in the middle of the water.


SOMUNS Adult Underwater Sea Scooter

If you’re just looking for a compact electric sea scooter for personal use, the SOMUNS is an excellent option.

Whether you are just cruising or looking to turn it to sport mode, this scooter has two rider modes for you.

The SOMUNS Underwater sea scooter has two settings to it.

The sport mode will let you go faster but it does drain the battery faster.

But, we were impressed by the battery life while in the standard mode.

The SOMUNS sea scooter definitely delivers when it comes to ease of use. 

With an easy-to-read screen, it is easy to operate and choose your setting. And, the screen even tells you how the battery is doing. It’s even possible to charge the battery in only 2-4 hours.

The controls on the sea scooter are intuitive and easy to operate. With easy to grab levers, you can quickly control starting and stopping.

Plus, SOMUNS knows that if you are using an electric board, you want to document it. The sea scooter even comes with a camera mount so you can capture all the action.

The main drawback of the SOMUNS Underwater Sea is that you can’t stand on it. But if you’re only looking for something that you can comfortably zip around the water in, this might be the sea scooter for you.

YAMAHA Seascooter

The Yamaha Seascooter has a lot going for it.

If you’re looking for something lightweight that can dive down, this is the sea scooter for you.

One nice thing about the Yamaha sea scooter is that it is user friendly.

Specifically, it is kid friendly. The propeller is inside a cage so no kid can accidentally get their hand or fingers caught on the spinning propeller.

And, it comes with safety shut offs so you know anyone operating the sea scooter will stay safe.

The downside of all this safety is that the Seascooter won’t go very fast at its top speed. 

Though, it is great for putting around at your leisure. All of this is to say that this is the perfect option if you are looking for something to entertain the kids. 

One downside of the Yamaha Seascooter is that it is primarily geared to use in pools. If you are looking for something that can take the beating of open water, this might not be the right sea scooter for you. 

Another issue we’ve noticed with the Yamaha sea scooter is that it takes a fair amount of maintenance. But, if you are willing to take on the necessary upkeep you’ll have a a great machine and great battery life.

Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

If you can get over the futuristic design of the sublue WhiteShark Scooter, you’ll find a great sea scooter that’s easy to use. The crazy design actually makes this sea scooter intuitive and easy to use.

The best part about the sublue WhiteShark is that it is tiny.

Not only does it not take up much room, but it’s also incredibly light weighing in at less than 10 lbs.

This makes it the perfect option for travelling since it’s easy to pack up and carry with you. 

Another awesome design feature about the sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter is that it can be balanced for zero buoyancy.

This makes it easy to control in the water since you won’t feel the scooter tug up or down. 

Plus, the dive capability of the sublue WhiteShark is impressive if you are looking to see something near the bottom. 

One troubling feature that we noticed is that it can be normal for the battery compartment to fill up with water. The battery itself is waterproof, but seeing water next to the battery can be a little unsettling. Even though there’s no problem with the set up, it can cause some concern at first glance.

Waterblade Motorized Electric SUP

If you love stand up paddling but are getting tired of the paddling part, the Waterblade Motorized Electric SUP can solve your problems.

This board is best suited for use on flat water.

This board has a true electric motor that is actually quite powerful.

It provides several speed settings so you can find the most comfortable speed for you.

Unfortunately, batteries are not included.

One awesome part of getting the Waterblade electric SUP is that it comes with all kinds of handy goodies.

There is a safety cage for the propeller so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Most thoughtful is the inclusion of paddles in case you find yourself stuck.

Since it’s inflatable, the Waterblade Electric SUP is easy to store and travel with. You don’t have to worry about where in your car you’re going to strap this board too. Plus, it comes with a pump so you can easily inflate the Waterblade Motorized Electric SUP wherever you are. 

One downside of this electric surfboard is that it is an inflatable SUP. As an inflatable, it offers a little less stability than a rigid board. But it is still one of the best options out there if you want to stand on the water while zipping around. 

How Are Electric Surfboards Propelled?

There are two main types of propulsion systems for electric surfboards: jet powered and propeller. Propellers are simpler and more widespread. However, the spinning prop can be dangerous so you should make sure there is a cage around the prop for safety. The other option is a jet that sucks water through the engine and moves by spitting it out the back just like jet skis. These offer you a sleeker profile in the water and are more suited to quicker watercraft.

Which Electric Surfboard Should I Get?

We recommend the efoil Electric hydrofoil board. With its jet propulsion, you can easily rip along on top of the water. Plus it has plenty of features to help you stay in control and have fun on teh water. 

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