Wondering if these innovative, colorful, and versatile little Wave Bandit boards are right for you? 

This board company has quickly taken over the market as a producer of the most fun soft top surfboards one can buy.

As someone who has been surfing well over a decade, I have come across many board shapers.

I can personally guarantee you that Wave Bandit boards I have purchased are my favorites among foam top surfboards.

Why is Wave Bandit so great?

Wave Bandit

Well, as I mentioned above, their boards are exciting, unique and totally fun to ride.

Below is our Wave Bandit review and comprehensive guide to choosing the best version for you.

What Is A Wave Bandit Surfboard?

Wave Bandit produces fun and versatile body and surf boards. They use the highest quality waterproof foam, marine grade wooden stringers and ultra tough HDPE technology for the bottom deck.

They have all shapes of boards, from longboards to eggs to fish. The graphics are very fun and unique and the fin systems are durable and easy to install. Incredibly buoyant and well shaped, you’ll be catching all the waves in the line up in style.

Wave Bandit Performer Review


  • 4'10" x 19 1/2 x 2 15/16"
  • 5’6” x 21.0” x 2.875” (42 Liters)
  • 6’0” x 21.5” x 3.0” (48 Liters)

Pro's & Con's

  • Very lightweight
  • Board shape provides a very similar ride to a traditional short board
  • The soft foam is great for beginners
  • Easy to install tri fin system
  • The smaller size makes this board only suitable for smaller beginners like children
  • Less responsive than traditional shortboard


Who This Board Is Perfect For

The 4’10” and 5’6” Performer is ideal for little kids learning to surf, or a more skilled adult surfer looking for the challenge of riding a super small board. The performer handles great in small surf as it is very buoyant and will paddle into anything.

The 6’0” length is still great for kids, but is also rideable for teens, smaller women or anyone who likes shorter boards. It can turn like a traditional fiberglass shortboard, and is almost as responsive. Because it has so much volume, however, it catches even the hardest-to-get waves.


The 4’10” is one step up from a body board. Is has a round nose, great for increasing surface area, and a responsive squash tail. A perfect introduction to surfing for kids or a challenge for more advanced adults.

The 5’6” and 6’0” is a great board for kids and adults alike. They can be ridden like traditional short boards and are great for smaller surf enthusiasts to learn on. They have a more narrow nose which is great for avoiding pearling, and a swallow tail that will stabilize the board while turning or doing tricks.

Materials & Construction

The top deck is made with closed cell EPS waterproof foam. The foam will not water log or decay. The bottom deck is made with super tough high density plastic that is resistant to scratches dings and holes.

To keep the shape integrity, Wave Bandit uses marine grade plywood stringers that are fortified for stiffness and strength. For surfers who take the Performer out on tougher conditions or bigger waves, they don’t have to worry about the board breaking.

Wave Bandit Ez Rider Review


  • 7’0” x 22.0” x 3.125” (72 Liters)
  • 8'0" x 23.0" x 3.375" (86 Liters)
  • 9’0” x 24.0” x 3.50” (98 Liters)

Pro's & Con's

  • Soft foam means no injury when wiping out or colliding with other surfers. The thick board is incredibly buoyant for easier wave catching.
  • Round nose and tail increases surface area of board for great balance.
  • Lightweight while still being incredibly voluminous.
  • Less responsive than a traditional longboard, meaning it takes more effort to turn.
  • Because the EZ rider is so voluminous and buoyant, does not duck dive well in larger surf.


Who This Board Is Perfect For

The EZ rider is named so because it’s, well, easy to ride! This model was shaped with beginners and longboard enthusiasts in mind. Perfect for the surfer who is just getting started, or someone who wants to add a fun and interesting log to their quiver.

It can nose ride like traditional longboards, but is also perfect for gaining paddle strength and balance while learning. The cool colors on the top and bottom decks and neat graphics make for one stylish longboard.


These models are longer with round noses and wide square tails. Increasing the surface area with this shaping means the most stability out of any surfboard shape. Because of the wide deck and stable shape, the EZ Rider is the ideal foam top surfboard for any beginner.

It closely mimics the shape of a traditional longboard, which is also perfect for more advanced surfers who love the longboard style.. Just like with any longboard, you can enjoy a nice slow ride and mellow session.

Materials & Construction

The EPS foam core is designed to be waterproof, and will not waterlog. The board is very strong, resisting breakage with two maple wood stringers inside the foam, and the slick HDPE bottom is scratch and puncture proof.

Wave Bandit Shred Sled Review


  • 37” and 48”

Pro's & Con's

  • Small for easy storage.
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to transport, can even take on public transportation
  • Top deck needs wax.
  • Not big enough for adults to learn on.


A true novelty board, the shred sled acts as more of a boogie board, or a beginner board for little tykes. The 48” can be surfed by advanced surfers looking to see how small of a board they ride, and the 37” can be body boarded in slammy shore break.

The Shred Sled is a fun, quirky addition to a more traditional quiver and will be enjoyed by ocean enthusiasts looking for a unique experience. If you want to get your little surfer started as a toddler, this board is perfect.

Who This Board Is Perfect For

Usually, a regular size board will be too big and cumbersome for a small child. A lot of times, introducing them to gentle knee high white wash with a board like the shred sled is a perfect way to start them surfing. They will feel safe and comfortable in shallow water and the Shred Sled is the perfect size.

Short board enthusiasts will love challenging themselves with the Shred Sled. It is incredibly short, but for the right surfer, can still be ridden in waves on the outside. If you are looking to challenge yourself, see if you can pop up on the 48” and ride down the line!


This board closely resembles and egg, but with a squash tail. The boogie board 37” has a round nose and soft rails. The tail is square and pulled in more than a traditional body board. It comes with a leash string on the top deck and the bottom deck is flat and smooth. The rails are round at the top deck and hard at the bottom deck so you will not sink in the surf.

The 48” can be ridden as a boogie board, but if you add fins, you can stand up surf! It has a round nose that is slightly more narrow than the 37” for more maneuverability. The tail is squared off and there is a bit of a rocker. Because the board is so short, it is a little thicker with nice round rails so you will have good buoyancy.

Materials & Construction

As with all Wave Bandit boards, the Shred Sled is also made with tough and long lasting materials. Sticking with the EPS grade foam, the top deck will not decay or water log. The slick bottom is hydrodynamic and resistant to scratches and dings. The pop through fins on the 48” are made from soft, yet durable plastic and they are very easy to install.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Review

Just when we thought Wave Bandits couldn’t get any better, pro surfer Ben Gravy came along and made them even more rad! He took the Shred Sled, Performer, and EZ Rider and added his signature graphics to the bottom deck.

The pineapple graphic is displayed in tile like pattern and sporting very cool sunglasses. There is also a très cute pineapple on the top deck by the leash, right above Ben Gravy’s signature. The Wave Bandit boards are already very stylish, with great colors to choose from. But you can be even that much more stylish when you show up to the line up with the ultra cool Ben Gravy pineapple boards!

“I can’t take three steps onto the beach before being swarmed with admirers! I’ve never had more fun than surfing the Wave Bandit boards. And now I can sport adorable Ben Gravy pineapple man, too! Overall I’m really stoked on my Ben Gravy board and it’s hard for me to want to ride anything else…”

Julie Parnassus

Santa Barbara, CA

Wave Bandit Accessories

Brief summary

The Ben Gravy pineapple graphic isn’t just displayed on boards, you can also get it on cool accessories! Want the Wave Bandit brand logo in a leash? You got it! Want cool wax with Ben Gravy’s pineapple? You got that too! The wax and leash will match you Wave Bandit board of choice perfectly!

Wait, did I mention the coolest accessory of all yet? The Ben Gravy pineapple cool guy also comes on a backpack! You don’t just have to be in the water to be stylish, take the Wave Bandit backpack on any errand or trip and catch compliments and admirers everywhere!

Surfing on egg shaped board
dad and daughter surfing

Wave Bandit Clothes

Brief summary

By now you’re thinking, “They have cool boards, accessories and logos, Wave Bandit brand couldn’t possibly get any cooler.” Well actually is does! They have clothing too. You can get t-shirts with the cool Ben Gravy graphic, hoodies, and baseball caps. They even have a cool Ben Gravy signature tie dye tee.


Wave Bandit vs Catch Surf

Catch Surf is a very unique and innovative brand of surfboards, clothing and wetsuits. They also offer accessories like hand planes for body surfing, leashes, racks, and surfboard fins. What makes this brand so different is their retro look, bright colors, unique gear shapes and wacky, free spirited vibe. Taking the over the top seriousness out of surfing, they offer a fun and carefree surf and beach going experience.

Wave Bandits are a Catch Surf line of surfboards and accessories. Wave Bandit uses the same bright colors and fun attitude of Catch Surf originals and offers a fun challenge to experienced surfers looking for a novel wave riding experience. The Wave Bandit is its own entity, however, with its coolest aspect being that they are endorsed by pro surfer Ben Gravy.

Wave Bandit vs Wavestorm

Wavestorms are a great foam top surfboard for beginners. They are nice and long, buoyant and soft. They are perfect for adults and children for learning to surf. The graphics and colors on the WAvestorms are a little more subdued than the Wave Bandit palette. Though Wavestorms are great for getting into waves, they aren’t really shaped with a more advanced surfer in mind.

Wave Bandits are made to be more high performance than Wavestorms, and less of a beginner board and more of a challenge for advanced surfers. For someone pushing the limits of how short of a board they can ride, the Wave Bandit Shred Sled or the Performer are great options. Though the EZ Rider can be a great beginner board, Wave Bandit brand isn’t particularly the top choice for beginners.


You probably won’t even need a warranty with how tough these boards are, but just in case something happens during shipping and handling, Wave Bandit offers a 30-day warranty of free repairs or exchanges.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase Wave Bandit boards at the Catch Surf retail locations in San Clemente, and now in Malibu, CA. Or you can order one from the Wave Bandit website, or other online retailers like Amazon.

Do the Ben Gravy Models Ride as Well as the other Wave Bandits?

Absolutely. They are shaped with as much precision and expertise as any other Wave Bandit board.

Do I need to Wax my Wave Bandit?

Yes, you will need wax. The top deck foam is slick and will need some traction.

The Verdict - Should You Get One?

Yes you absolutely should.

If you are an adult or teen beginner, the EZ Rider is a great choice. A seasoned surf veteran? Push your skills with the Performer short board.

Any surf enthusiast anywhere can have fun on Wave Bandit boards, and they make a great addition to any quiver.


Our Rating

Wave Bandit Performer

Jasmine Martin head shot

Jasmine Oneill Martin  //  Team Writer