While many people hit Costco for the cheap pizza, free samples, and great deals on bulk items, surfers are visiting more than they ever have before to pick up Wavestorm Surfboards. 

You’ve been wanting a foam surfboard for a while, and Wavestorms might seem like a good option.

Wavestorm is a durable, affordable and high quality brand of beginner longboards and soft top shortboards. 

Continuing reading our Costco Wavestorm surfboard review to learn everything you need to know about this amazing brand!

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be rushing out to buy one.

Wavestorm Surfboard

What’s Wavestorm?

Founded in 2004, Wavestorm has been the solution for beginner surfers everywhere. By shaping soft foam into buoyant and stable surfboards, they’ve been able to create a lucrative beginner surfboard enterprise. More skilled surfers quickly became attracted to Wavestorm boards too however.

Not only are the longboards great for newbies and seasoned shredders alike, but Wavestorm now offers more high performance soft top shortboards.  The beginner longboards are 7’ to 10’ and the high performance swallow tail shortboards range from 5’6” to 6’6”. Wavestorm truly offers boards for everyone.

The Review


  • Wavestorm Classic: 8’0” x 22.5” x 3.25”
  •  7’0” x 22” x 3”
  • Wavestorm Original New Modern: 8’0” x 22.5” x 3.25”
  •  7’0” x 22” x 3”

Pro's & Con's

  • Wavestorms are more affordable than traditional longboards. They are made with durable materials that are less expensive to manufacture. Because Wavestorms are designed for beginners, learning to surf on these boards will expedite the time it would take to learn on a traditional fiberglass board.Wavestorms are also safer to learn on. The foam is soft, and so reduces risk of injury if the board hits the surfer. This is also ideal for kids learning to surf, so there won’t be worry of injury. The fins are made from safer soft plastic, as well.
  • The soft foam and soft rails all around the deck make Wavestorms less responsive than traditional fiberglass longboards. This board is designed to go straight towards shore in the white wash. Of course, you can trim on the face of the wave as a more advanced surfer, but it will be harder to control. The rails will sink into the wave easier and you have a much higher chance of pearling.Not to say this board still can’t be fun for more skilled surfer, but it is better suited for a beginner. As it is very stable in flat water and very buoyant. For a newbie who doesn’t trim yet or need to duck dive, it’s perfect.

Who This Board Is Perfect For

If you are an adult or larger teen, the 8’ Classic is a perfect first surfboard. It’s traditional longboard shape increases board surface area so it gains momentum easily. The deck is nice and wide so you will be stable while learning to stand up. Because it is 8’ long, it can float a full grown adult. Wavestorm also has an 8’ longboard called the New Modern is also a great beginner board, as it has all the perfect qualities for learning as the Classic.

For smaller adults and kids, consider the 7’. It still has a lot of volume, but is slightly smaller, which will be easier for smaller surfaces to control. It still rides like a beginner longboard, being very easy to catch waves on and great for practicing balance and popping up.

easy to catch waves
Classic board

Board Breakdown


Both Wavestorm 7’ and 8’ boards are the traditional “longboard” shape. They have round noses and wide, square tails. The round nose is great for adding buoyancy to the board by increasing the surface area of the deck. The more surface area, the quicker you will gain momentum while trying to match the speed of the wave. You will have a much greater chance of getting picked up by a wave on a board with such a wide nose.

The tail is nice and wide as well. A square tail is optimal for balance. Since your feet get positioned towards the back of the board while standing, it’s important to have buoyancy over the tail with a large width. Square tails maintain your direction well in the wave, too. So naturally, a square tail is ideal for beginners, since they are "stiff." You want a nice stiff ride while learning. If the board rides to loosey goosey, you’ll lose your balance.

Soft rails are most typically used for longboard shapes. This is because on a longboard, you traditionally go in a straight line down the face of the wave, because you want to have the balance to walk up and down the board when you get to an advanced level. You also want this stability when learning so you can maintain your balance. Soft rails are designed not so much for turning power, but more for stability, so naturally Wavestorm designs its board with this rail type.

For a challenge, Wavestorm also offers a fun and unique fish design. Shorter, wide and designed with swallowtails, these adorable New Modern Swallow Tail models are ideal for little kids learning and adults who want a shorter board. Unlike traditional styles of fiberglass shortboards, a soft top foam swallow tail board is more buoyant and easier to control, while still offering a challenge for progressing surfing skills.

Though this board is shorter, being offered in 5’6” and 6’6”, its thicker than the usual fiberglass short boards. The extra foam makes the Swallow Tail very efficient at catching waves. The foam is soft, so if you want to get your little tot into surfing, you won’t have to worry about injury from the board.

Materials & Construction

Wavestorm Classic is constructed with closed cell EPS foam that is watertight and will not waterlog or decay. The foam is also very sturdy, resistant to punctures and tears. The EPS is then wrapped in cross link, high tech IXL water barrier skin that resists water and absorbs impact.

The Wavestorm New Modern models take the crosslink water barrier top deck even further, using elastomer material that is U.V. damage resistant. Both the Classic and New Model bottom decks are constructed with high density polyethylene which is extremely resistant to scratches, dings and holes.

Along with the strong and rigid HDPE bottom deck, three marine grade plywood stringers maintain the shape of the board, so it will last you a lifetime with proper care. The stringers keep the board from breaking due events such as collision with rocks or being slammed by shore pound.



All Wavestorm boards come with soft plastic fins that are easy to install pop throughs. The rings where the fins attached are also waterproof. They come in blue, black or green to match the graphics on the top deck.

Stomp Pad

Wavestorm Classic 7’ and 8’ also come with pre attached traction pads for your back foot. Perfect for maintaining balance and foot placement while you are cruising down the line. They come in blue and white or blue and white, depending on what board graphics you choose.


This board comes with a leash, which is really nice! That's because most surfboards don't come with a leash. It comes with everything you need so once you buy it you are ready to go! 

Models, Graphics & Options

Wavestorm Classic:

You can purchase this board in classic three stripe pattern with dark blue, white and light blue colors with black fins. The stripe design also comes with a dark blue, light blue, green, and white pattern with green fins. You can also purchase the classic in a blue and yellow stripe pattern with blue fins. The fourth stripe design comes in “rasta” theme, with black, red, yellow and green. This board also comes with green fins.

Wavestorm New Modern:

The 8’ longboard comes in a striking royal blue with blue fins to match. The 6’6” and 5’6” Swallow Tail model comes in royal blue or sky blue, both come black or blue fins.

“ I was looking for the best board to learn how to surf on and my friend told me about Wavestorm longboards. By my third time surfing, I was standing up riding waves. This board is so fun and easy to learn on. A few months later I tried the Swallow Tail and was not disappointed. It was a seamless transition into shortboarding.”

Drew Lakeport

San Clemente, CA



WAvestorm offers a 30-day warranty in the event of manufacturer defects or damage during shipping and handling. The don’t however, warrant against user damage. Because Wavestorm is made with durable materials, you wont need user warrantee anyways. Take care of your board and it will not break or be damaged.

Where to buy?

Costco is a favorite among consumers to pick up a Wavestorm. Many beginners get their first board there. You can also purchase Wavestorms on online retail sites like amazon.com.

Wavestorm VS BladeStorm

Wavestorm and BladeStorm are two very well known soft top surfboard brands. Both made from similar materials, but Bladestorm is a little more expensive. Almost identical in shape and materials, but if you are looking for a better deal, Wavestorm would be the better option.

StormBlade comes in a variety of colors. They also come in dark and light blues like Wavestorm, but lack the cool multiple colored striped design Wavestorm enthusiasts love. The StormBlade boards also come with a rubber protective barrier around the deck, which Wavestorm does not. But because Wavestorm uses soft foam to make their boards, protective rubber pads on the deck are not really needed.

Wavestorm VS Catch Surf

Catch Surf also offers a couple beginner surfboard models, but they are more known for offering more challenging, novel foam top boards, like extremely short thrusters and fish shapes. Their longboards are a little more high performance as well, which can be a little hard to learn on. Wavestorm is much more suited for beginner surfers, and has more appropriate shape. The boards are a little thicker and wider than Catch Surf longboards.

Wavestorm VS Longboard

As I have mentioned above, Wavestorm longboards are different from traditional longboards. They are similarly shaped, with round noses and a wide tail, but are not made from the same materials.

Traditional longboards are made with very hard fiberglass or epoxy resin. The foam core is wrapped with fiberglass sheets, and then covered with either polyester resin or epoxy resin. This is great for performance, but can be a bit of a problem is you get hit by the board or it hits another surfer. Epoxy and fiberglass cause more injury and are much more prone to damage.

The internal materials are different, as well. The foam core in a traditional surfboard is open cell and thus can absorb water and rot. It also makes the board heavier, called “waterlogging.” The foam on a soft top board is closed cell and waterproof. Many times the deck has enough traction on a soft top that is doesn’t need surf wax, unlike the slick resin on a traditional surfboard deck.

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Final Verdict - Should You Get One?

Absolutely. Wavestorm can be enjoyed by kids, adults, beginners and pros. Not only are these boards durable in any conditions, they last a lifetime. Wavestorm continues to be the number one selling brand in the market. They are a great deal, not only being low priced, but every board purchase comes with all the accessories you need to start shredding. Expertly shaped and designed with fun graphics, Wavestorm would be an ideal addition to your surfboard quiver.

Our Rating

Wavestorm 8' Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic

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