Taking the foam top surfboard market by storm, California Board Company amazes consumers time and time again with their quality, accessibility and variety of surfboards. They are affordable yet durable. High performance yet safe for beginners. Subtle yet unique and interesting in design.

Thinking about getting a CBC surfboard? You’ve made the right choice. Here at Varial surfboards, we created a review of the best California Board Company surfboards and brought them straight to your browser.

Take some time to read through our list and pick the CBC board that is right for you! You are guaranteed fun with CBC purchases no matter what your surfing ability is.

California Board Company Surfboards

Our #1 Choice - CBC 7’ Soft Top

  • Fun wood graphics on top and bottom deck
  • Comes with traction pad for back foot
  • 7’ x 22” x 3.5”

#2 CBC 6’2” Fish Soft Top

  • High performance shape
  • Perfect step up for novice surfer
  • 84” x 22” x 3” ; 7.5 lbs

#3 CBC 5’8” Soft Top

  • Full graphics on top and bottom decks
  • High performance fish shape
  • 68.7” x 22.4” x 2”; 6.5 lbs

#4 CBC 9’ Longboard Soft Top

  • Best foam top surfboard for beginners
  • Leash and fins included
  • 104" x 24" x 4"

The Top 4 Boards

#1 CBC 7’ Soft Top

A very versatile model, this board is great for kids, teens and adults of smaller stature to learn on. The 7’ soft top has a shape that is also good for more skilled surfers. The rocker at the nose, narrower tail and hard rails make it extremely responsive for a soft top surfboard.

The construction materials are just as impressive. The foam deck is made from EPS technology that is waterproof and won’t water log. The bottom is slick HD polyethylene that won’t scratch or ding if it hits rocks or other surfers.

Kids will love this board. It is wide and stable, great for learning balance. It is also very thick, giving the 7’ a lot of buoyancy, making it easier to catch waves. Because it is on the smaller side for a beginner soft top board, they will have a breeze learning to trim and turn. The smaller size and maneuverability also make this board great for teens and smaller women.

The pop through plastic fins are softer plastic to reduce risk of injury. They come included with the board and are very easy to install. The CBC 7’ also comes with a 7’ leash and a leash string, so it’s surf ready as soon as you get it.

#2 CBC 6’2” Fish Soft Top

So you’ve been surfing for a bit and want to challenge yourself and progress your skill. The 6’2” fish is a perfect introduction to shortboarding. It has the shape elements of a traditional shortboard fish, but is still made of very buoyant and safe foam. The narrow nose, rocker and fish tail will have you carving in no time.

As with any CBC board, you can be guaranteed quality with the 6’2” fish. The foam deck is made with EPS foam and the bottom deck is slick IXPE that is resistant against damage. The foam on the top deck has plenty of traction so wax is not needed.

The waterproof foam isn’t the only thing that’s great about the deck. The blue and white stripe graphics are stylish and fun to look at. You can guarantee life long board integrity with the three laminated wooden stringers that are coated with a waterproof resin.

This board comes with three very cool honeycomb technology fins that are easy to install. The traction pad on the top deck will give you balance while riding the waves, and a leash is included with every purchase.

#3 CBC 5’8” Soft Top

Looking to add a fun, easy-to-ride egg to your quiver? If you are an egg shape enthusiast like me, you’ll love the smooth and stylish ride of the CBC 5’8” soft top. Great for small kids learning to surf or more skilled surfers wanting to add a great small wave board to their collection.

You won’t have to worry about water logging with the EPS foam technology in the core and top deck. The 5’8” soft top can also take a beating with the strong and rigid HDPE bottom. The traction pad for the back foot that is included with the board will give you stability while you are carving and turning.

This guy is shaped to ride like a traditional egg shape board. It has a rounded point nose with rocker so you won’t pearl on the wave. The squash like tail adds surface area while giving stability when turning. It also looks great. The neon green to blue gradient is reminiscent of 70’s experimental shortboard prototypes.

The easy to attach fins are honeycomb technology for strength while still being flexible and responsive. They come with your purchase, as well as a leash and leash string. Get ready to have hours and hours of fun with the CBC 5’8” soft top.

#4 CBC 9’ Longboard Soft Top

Another great example of high quality boards great for beginners, the 9’ soft top has been a go to for years. Learning to surf couldn’t be easier on this versatile longboard, which is also great for more skilled surfers who want to add a soft top to their collection.

The watertight core won’t waterlog or decay, being made with high tech, heat laminated EPS foam core. Three molded in stringers will guarantee board shape for as long as you have the board, and they are also waterproof.

The high density polyethylene bottom deck is also heat laminated and resistant to damage, like scratches from rocks or cars, being dropped or run ins with other surfboards. The rails of this board are hard so learning to turn is easy. The deck surface area is increased with a round nose. Perfect for catching waves and keeping balance down the line.

You’ll be surprised at how realistic the wood graphics look on the top and bottom deck of the CBC 9’. The graphic gives this board a really cool retro feel of old bolsa boards from the 50’s and 60’s. With an included leash and leash string, easy to install fins and a traction pad for your back foot, this board comes with everything you need to start shredding.

Company and History

California Board Company continues to be a leading brand in soft top surfboards, fiberglass and wood skimboards, wakeboards and stand up paddle boards. Their brand is known for expert shapers and technicians and top quality building materials.

They also offer top notch accessories to go with their watersport gear. You can get leashes, board bags and paddles for SUP’s. They are made with just as high quality materials and will last you a lifetime.

Founded in 2008, CBC had the goal of offering affordable yet high quality boards to the masses. They wanted watersports to be accessible to everyone. The employees there love what they do and offer the best customer service.

balance on the waves
easy to carry

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Each of These Boards Best For?

The 6’2” fish and 5’8” egg are ideal for smaller surfers and those who love to ride more challenging boards. On smaller, mushier waves, these shortboards have no problem getting into waves, and actually catch waves better than traditional fiberglass boards. They can also be ridden in bigger waves because of their high performance shape. 

If you are an average to larger sized adult, the 7’ and 9’ soft top is great for learning on. They are made with thick rails, a lot of volume and a very wide deck. These elements are perfect for learning to pop-up, stand and balance on the waves.

What Other Products Does CBC Manufacture?

California LongBoard company makes a myriad of wonderful water sport products. They have several different types of stand up paddle boards, including ones that are inflatable, fiberglass, epoxy and of course, foam top.

They also make fiberglass and wooden skimboards. If you like to boogie board, they have those too! The paddles they sell to go with the SUPs are made from aluminum and carbon fiber, making them lightweight and strong.

You’ll need accessories to go with all this gear, and CBC has you covered. From leashes to board bags, you’ll have everything you need to get out there and enjoy the water.

Are Fins and Leashes Included With a Board Purchase?

Fins and leashes are always included with any purchase of a CBC surfboard on this list. Not only that, but traction pads are included as well! California Board Company’s mission is to get people out on the water, so they include all the gear you’ll need to get going.

Not only that, but CBC also offers a 30-day warranty. If anything happens in shipping and handling you can be guaranteed a refund, free repair or free exchange.

How long do CBC boards last?

If you take proper care of your CBC board, it will last you as long as you can ride it. The EPS foam core is made to be watertight, so waterlogging, delaming or decay from moisture will never be a problem. It is really hard to damage the bottom deck as well. The high density polyethylene is very strong and hard to tear or puncture.

Keeping the board in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight is a great way to protect the integrity of your board. Also, a good rinse with fresh water after each use will maintain the foam that the board is made of. Take care of your CBC board, and it will take care of you.

Overall Rating

It’s not everyday you come across a surfboard brand that is not only good quality but also expertly shaped. Every model of California Board Company surfboards performs well and lasts forever. Combining top grade materials and a profound understanding of surfboard shapes, CBC produces the best boards the surfing market has to offer.

I personally am rating this company an A+ overall for being a leading producer of fun and affordable soft top surfboards. Not only are their wide variety of surfboard types impressive, but they strive to offer the best customer service and accessibility to water sports out there. Grab your CBC board today and you won’t be disappointed!


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