BIC has nice pens and all but they make surfboards too!!??

Yep, we took a close look at these boards are they are not messing around. 

The water sports arm of BIC is unknown by most surfers but BIC has actually been in the foam surfboard scene for several decades now!  

The BIC family, which still owns and runs the company, are surfers and that is why they got into making surfboards! 

Crazy world, I know. 

But they have conquered the pen world so read below to see how their surfboards stack up. 

BIC Surfboard

The Product Line

BIC boards are Softech’s line of beginner boards for adults, teens and kids. The foam is soft and buoyant, and the epoxy bottom decks strong and damage proof. The funboards and longboards are shaped to be stable and easy to ride and the graphics are fun and exciting. BIC is the ideal choice for kid and adult beginners everywhere.

BIC Paint Surfboard Review

Light, durable and fun! The Bic 6’ Paint board looks great and rides even better. The fun egg shape can be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike. Looking for a fun and unique wave riding experience? This board is great for more skilled surfers looking to ride a good small wave board and kids who want to learn to surf.

Not only is this board a lot of fun to ride, but it is made from top notch materials. EPS foam core is totally waterproof to prevent waterlogging and rot. The foam core is then reinforced with epoxy and fiberglass for ultimate toughness and strength. Finally, the board is wrapped with a soft IXPE foam that is also waterproof and beginner friendly.

To add rigidity and resistance to damage, BIC added molded in composite stringers to the core and a slick, hydrodynamic epoxy bottom deck to maintain board shape. No matter the conditions, you can rest assured this board will withstand anything.

The paint series is one of BIC’s most popular board models. The graphics are exciting and fun, with brushstrokes brightly splashed across the deck. They come in colors such as blue, pink, green and orange. This 6’ board uses green and purple. A board that looks this cool will also be very popular with kids, and along with its smaller size, would be a perfect board to get your little one started on.

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard Review

A great shaped board that is fun and rideable for all surfers. The G-Board EVO comes in four sizes: 6’0”, 7’0”, 8’0” and 9’0”. No matter what size or height you are, you can get any G-Board EVO to match.

The 6’0” is ideal for kids, teens and adults who want the challenge of a shorter board. The 7’0” is also good for teens and kids, but can also float an average sized adult. It also is great for a novice surfer looking to step down in size from a traditional beginner longboard. The 8’0” and 9’0” models are ideal for average to larger sized adults and longboard enthusiasts.

You won’t find a soft top board made with higher grade materials. The closed cell foam core is watertight and will not fill with water. Decay and waterlogging won’t be a problem. The laminate layer over the foam is also waterproof and non-slip, so you don’t even have to wax the top deck. The trademarked “Slick Skin” bottom deck is rigid to maintain board shape and incredibly damage resistant. Twin composite stringers from nose to tail means this board model will never break!

If the quality of the board was enough of a selling point, wait until I tell you about the shape! The wide, round nose makes gaining speed easy and catching waves not a problem! The wide deck and tail make the perfect platform for learning and progressing balance and popping up. Every G-Board EVO purchase comes with three easy-to-install pop through fins, so you’ll be ready to shred as soon as you get your board!

BIC Dura-Tec 7'9" Surfboard Review

Dura-Tec is named so because of its great durability. The polyethylene layer over the polyurethane foam core is ultra tough, resisting dings, scratches and punctures. The toughness of this board makes it perfect for learning on, as it can withstand the toughest beating in waves and by users.

Shapers had a fun, mellow ride in mind when creating this board. Getting into waves is a cinch with the wide surface area of the rounded nose. The thickness gives the Dura-Tec 7’9” extra buoyancy for stability. There’s plenty of rocker to keep the board from pearling. This board is designed to be versatile and rideable for everyone.

The FCS fin boxes are sealed tight and waterproof and the deck is resistant to UV damage. The 7’9” length is maneuverable enough for smaller adults and teens, but can support a larger sized adult, too. Get ready for hours of fun in the water with the BIC Dura-Tec board.

BIC Magnum 7'0" Surfboard Review

Another board from BIC’s Paint series, this time in 7’0”. The graphic is a bright splash of orange and red “paint” over a light blue deck. Just as fun to look at and just as durable as any other BIC board. It’s the perfect length and shape for beginners and will be fun for advanced surfers, too.

The same ultra strong EPS foam core is used that is waterproof. It’s also wrapped with a fortified epoxy layer and topped with a soft and user friendly IXPE layer on the top deck and rails. With plenty of traction, you won’t even need wax! The bottom deck uses HDPE for prevention of puncture and tear damage. 

Two composite waterproof stringers maintain the shape and integrity of the board and the pop-through fins (included with board purchase,) are safe and easy to install. Even though this board is only 12 lbs, it’s a very impressive 61 liters in volume. That makes this board super buoyant and great at catching waves.

BIC Ace-Tec Longboard 9'4" Surfboard Review

Arguably the best Softech brand board to learn on, The BIC Ace-Tec 9’4” soft top will have you standing up and cruising down the wave quicker than you can say “Surf’s Up!” The innovative construction materials make the Ace-Tec indestructible. The shape is so versatile that even professional surfers can ride it.

THe EPS foam core is strong and water resistant and wrapped in highest grade fiberglass and epoxy resin and ASA grade styrene polymer shell. The shell is so damage resistant that you won’t have to worry about hitting rocks dropping the board.

Because this board is large and wide, it’s particularly suited for larger adults to learn on. With the round rails and wide, concave nose, catching waves and turning are easy and fun. This also makes the board perfect for more advanced surfers, as well. If you want a board that you can ride at all skill levels and have for life, get the BIC Ace-Tec 9’4” longboard.

BIC’s History With Surfboards

Founded in 1979, BIC has been a leading brand in outdoor water sports. They started with an emphasis on windsurfing, but quickly became a household name in surfboards by the 90’s. Their innovative board designs stemmed from wanting to offer something unique to the water sport market.

During the 90’s, high performance shortboards were all the rage. BIC noticed a gap in suitable beginner surfboards, and thus began to perfect soft top and epoxy longboards and fun boards. Since then, BIC has been offering affordable, accessible and fun surfboards of every design for every level of surfing.

Balancing on board
Bic history



BIC boards are so sturdy, a warranty is not needed. But just in case anything should happen to your board in shipping and handling, there is a two day factory warranty in case you need to send it back for any reason.

Is A BIC Worth It? Should I Buy?

If this review of BIC’s best boards hasn’t convinced you yet, let me remind you why BIC is a worthy surf buy. Affordable, highest material quality and a performance like no other. You won’t be disappointed by BIC boards and perhaps even surprised at how much fun you’ll have riding one.

Where To Buy?

BIC boards can be purchased from the BIC Sports website, or from retail dealer locations, such as sports and outdoor stores. The BIC website has a full list map of nationwide dealers. BIC boards can also be bought used at local surf shops that might have them on consignment or for sale. Other online retailers, like Amazon, will also carry BIC boards. They are widely accessible and easy to get ahold of.

How should I care for my BIC board?

Caring for your board so it lasts a lifetime is easy. You want to keep your board in a shady, temperature moderate place out of direct sunlight. After each surf session, try to rinse of your board with fresh water to remove dirt, residue and salt crystals. This will make the foam last longer and stay new looking.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One?

(yes, they should!)

You’ve read by now why it’s a perfect idea to get a BIC surfboard. The integrity of materials in these boards will last a lifetime, and they are shaped with precision to perform great in waves, no matter what you’re skill level is.

The versatility of types of board means you will find exactly what you are looking for with BIC. They truly do have something for everyone. Whether you choose the Ace-Tec 9'4" longboard for learning or that old school longboard style, or the G-Board EVO for the amazing graphics and challenging shape, you’ll love any BIC board purchase and will have years of surfing fun to come!


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BIC Paint Surfboard

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